Alot of people are not sure exactly what Hypnosis is and isn’t so we have compiled a list of FAQs about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy that you might like to read before booking a session. This helps you to understand how Hypnotherapy can actually help you!


how-does-hypnosis-work-hypnosis-health-clinicHypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind, in fact you go in and out of trances all day long. When you daydream you are in an altered state of awareness or when you are watching a movie and you are really engrossed in that movie, that is also an altered state of awareness and that is all Hypnosis really is.

The feeling of Hypnosis can vary from person to person, remember it is a deep state of relaxation so some people feel heavy and others feel light. You will hear everything said to you but you will probably feel so relaxed, you won’t really care and that’s fine!

Sometimes you will remember everything that is said to you and other times you may not, it’s up to your sub-conscious to decide if you need to remember it consciously or not.

Overall, Hypnosis is a very pleasant feeling and you will finish the session feeling refreshed and revitalised!

how-hypnosis-works-hypnosis-health-clinicHypnosis is the setting aside of the critical, conscious mind to communicate directly with the more accepting and creative sub-conscious mind. It is NOT sleep, it is an altered state of awareness. As all our memories, habits and phobias are stored in the sub-conscious, Hypnosis and the trance state -which is the altered awareness part, allows us to change outdated or negative thoughts and ideas that are in the sub-conscious.

does-hypnotherapy-work-hypnosis-health-clinicYou cannot get stuck in a trance, if the Hypnotist were to leave the room during your session and not return, you would simply wake up or fall into a natural sleep, waking up when you were ready to. There has not been one reported case of anyone being stuck in a trance, remember Hypnosis is all natural, safe and drug-free!
Clinical Hypnotherapy is the use of Hypnosis, by trained practitioners, to alter the debilitating effects of a disorder.

hypnotism-techniques-hypnosis-health-clinicA Clinical Hypnotherapist is really a specialist in hypnosis, using the healing state of hypnosis to work with problems or conditions that the client wishes to change.Hypnotherapy is a tool for reaching and dealing with problems of the mind and body using a state of mental relaxation in which the client is open to suggestion from the therapist.

In the hypnotized state, emotional problems can be addressed and resolved, body functions can be improved to restore normal activity, and mental power can be improved to overcome obstacles, gain higher self esteem, improved memory, etc.

The reason Hypnosis works with changing habits such as smoking and weight control , just to name a few is because having the “will power” to give up is simply not enough as the subconscious mind is stronger than will power and therefore by giving the subconscious positive suggestions, we can alleviate these harmful habits and replace them with good habits.

What hypnotherapy does is to help bring out the best in you. This means that you will change by leaving behind any habits or baggage you no longer need or want and thereby become a stronger and happier person.

quit_smoking2Yes, anyone of average intelligence can be hypnotised, however they have to want to be. The Hypnotist cannot make you go into Hypnosis, it is important you are willing to go along with the process and be open to it.

Anyone who says they can’t be hypnotised is probably right.

how-does-hypnotherapy-work-hypnosis-health-clinicAbsolutely not. The Hypnotist does not have control over you, you will not do or say anything against your own will and you will be fully aware of what is going on.


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