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How much better would you feel each day without the pain you are currently suffering from? When you are Hypnotised, your brain releases a chemical called Dopamine which blocks the pain receptors in your brain and alleviates the pain you feel. Our Pain relief MP3 tracks are very effective for pain suffers from Arthritus, to tension.


N.B: All undiagnosed pain should be treated by a doctor before using these tracks. Whilst these audio tracks are very effective in the treatment of pain it should not replace medical advice.

Product Description

File use instructions:

Apple iPhone and iPad:

Your file will open in a link on your device.  There are 3 options available for playback:

  • You can save this link in your favourites or bookmark to playback at any time
  • You can download the file to your PC or Mac computer and add it to your itunes library.  You will then be able to access it in your phone’s music player
  • If you don’t have a PC or Mac computer you can handle your downloads in an app.  You could use the FileMaster App from the iTunes App Store. To save the file to your phone in FileMaster, simply copy the download link and paste in the FileMaster App, you will be prompted to “Open” or “Download” – select “Download” to save in your “Music” folder.

For Android Devices:

You will be prompted to save the MP3 file in your downloads/ folder.


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