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  • The Hypnosis Health Clinic’s™ Quit Smoking Program focuses on an overall approach to smoking cessation. Hypnotherapists Kasey-Laura and Anthony Laffan have combined their knowledge and experience to offer you a very powerful and effective way to stop smoking once and for all!This is a natural approach to Quit Smoking, using Hypnosis as a tool to achieve permanent and remarkable self-improvement.This program focuses on motivation and techniques that you can practice daily to get rid of smoking cravings.Our powerful and easy- to- use Quit Smoking Program includes:
    1. 2 x Powerful Self- Hypnosis CDs
    2. 1 x FREE BOOK

CD1 Includes

Hypnosis Session

A very powerful and effective hypnotic session aimed at an overall approach to changing your attitude towards quitting smoking and improving your motivation to becoming a new you!

CD 2 Includes

Reinforcement techniques

Exercise you can perform to help with cravings for cigarettes.

This very informative and effective book is written by Kasey-Laura and Anthony Laffan and includes important information on:

  1. The Impacts of Smoking
  2. Habit and Addiction
  3. Preparing to Quit
  4. What is Hypnosis?
  5. Quit Smoking with Hypnosis
  6. Focusing on what you want
  7. Identifying and Imagining Yourself the Way You Want To Be
  8. Benefits of Exercise
  9. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Quitting Smoking


This includes:

  1. Mp3- A Goal Setting Hypnosis session – Set your goals and reach them effortlessly
  2. Informative tips on how to stay a non-smoker
  3. Health related articles

These gifts are worth more than $50.00 and we give them to you absolutely FREE just for purchasing this program.

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